Medical Transportation

Our medical staff is trained to provide customers with safe and reliable patient transfer services from bedside-to-bedside. Each member of our team is chosen for their ability to provide non-ambulatory patients with maximum comfort when assisting in stretcher service transports.

Phuluso Ambulances highly-skilled medical team works with individuals, families and medical providers throughout Limpopo to provide the very latest in emergency transport services for individuals from emergency to transfers. Our medically-trained transport personnel have extensive background and expertise in handling customers with a wide variety of conditions. We are licensed to perform emergency care as response ambulance.

Security & Privacy

One of the reasons that you chose our service is for the privacy. Phuluso Ambulance Services understands this, and as a result, each one of our transporters comes with frosted windows blocking out all visuals.  You are can rest assured of your privacy.

Events Medical Support

Schools and Sporting Clubs often make use of our medical response services for their competitions.  Your sports team lives are important as well as all visiting teams.  We spend the entire day on standby waiting to attend to any medical emergency.

Often times a quick response would be a deciding factor in sudden medical trauma situations.  Make sure you have the team that has the experience to take care of you.


We are equipped to share our experience and get your team qualified with the basic and more advanced levels of emergency care.  Get educated and be in a position to help people in life and death situations.

Passionate About Service

We spend a lot of time revisiting our events and responses so we can better ourselves to help you.